Latin Baby ~ Disney’s Latin America Films

American José Carioca comics.

José’s adventures in America are more limited and he talks in some heavily-accented English. (All of these are from INDUCKS btw….)

Jose Carioca's misadventures.

This one’s a bit hard to read, but basically José borrows some birdseed from a guy feeding pigeons in the park and tries to kill the pigeon with his umbrella so he can eat it. The policeman shows up and José pretends to be scratching his back. There’s a major problem here – JOSÉ IS A BIRD. And birds don’t eat other birds unless they are hawks or something. But José is a parrot. HE should be eating that birdseed. Or maybe a tasty mango. :D

This discussion could obviously go on and on and extend to millions of other Disney characters as well, so I’m going to end it here. This is a pretty cute comic I guess, and I suppose the reason so many people like Zé is because he is a sort of “bad” character, like Donald.

Here’s another:Jose lives in the park?

Apparently, José lives in the park and takes baths in the local fountain T_T;;;

He then remarks on how handsome he looks. There’s probably more pages to this one, as I found another panel from later on:

This girl is not Rosinha, though, her name is “Lolo” and she was created just for this story.


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Ha I like that, very funny. Have any idea of the years these were published?

Comment by Kenzie

The first comic here is from 1944, and the second is from 1942.

Comment by reccaphoenix

“HE should be eating that birdseed. Or maybe a tasty mango.”
ROFL good one. :))

Comment by Tess

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