Latin Baby ~ Disney’s Latin America Films

Saludos Amigos, Bienvenidos a “Latin Baby!”
July 15, 2007, 7:40 pm
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Hey everyone!  I’m Recca Phoenix, and I started this blog to collect interesting tidbits from all across the web related to Disney’s “Latin America” features, Saludos Amigos and The 3 Caballeros, and all their related characters and spinoffs.  I love both of these films very much due to my fascination with latin music and classic Disney, but noticed there really weren’t any resources dedicated to collecting stuff about these films in one place.

I will update this blog irregularly, meaning often or not very often, all depending on when I find new and interesting stuff related to Disney’s Latin flicks!

**change (June 2008): I have attempted to switch to regular updating, thanks to WordPress’s schedule feature, so expect new posts weekly.**

If the blog name seems strange to you, it comes from a line in “The Three Caballeros” song.

One last note – I am not fluent in Spanish but I have studied it enough to have a basic grasp.   I have not studied Portuguese at all.  I am workably fluent in Japanese, though.

All the features, characters, etc. discussed are copyright of Disney and I do not own them.


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The internet has really been bringing us “Three Caballeros” fans out of the woodwork, lately. I love the blog and will be reading from now on!

Comment by Loosetoon

Thanks for doing this! Such a fun site, and it’s awesome to see people still care about this movie.

Comment by Kenzie

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