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This is a continuation of the last post about José (“Zé”) Carioca’s following in Brazil.

So, apparently a girlfriend parrot named Aurora was invented for Zé by Disney but never appeared in a movie. In the comics, his girlfriend’s name is Rosinha. Here’s a panel with them in it (from INDUCKS):

Jose Carioca and Rosinha up to something

***UPDATE: Thanks to a Lemmasoft unknown comrade for translating this comic and the second one below – see the comments for the translation!****

If you ask me, Rosinha looks way too human. She basically looks like a human girl with a beak, which is a little weird. When I first saw lower-res pictures of her I thought she WAS human, which would certainly be consistent with the movie, but felt a little strange, as every other Disney character has a girlfriend who’s at least some sort of anthropomorphized animal.

Also, what’s with Zé’s ’90s-looking backwards-baseball hat getup? Okay, okay, I know Disney characters have to change with the times…. :P It just struck me as very odd when I first saw it because I’m used to his appearance in the film.

I found another Zé and Rosinha comic where she at least looks a little bit more like a bird:


Well, I’ll post some more another time, there’s a lot of interesting ones out there :P


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Oh wow. I had no idea Zé Carioca was even known outisde Brazil. I’m surprised. Anyway, I can help you with any information or translation if you want.

In the first comic, the title means more less “The unexpected event”
The group persuing Zé is the Anaconzeca, a group composed of people that have lent money to Zé Carioca, and unsurprisingly haven’t got it back. They are screaming imprecations at him, while Zé is saying “The Anacozeca really doesn’t know how to quit! I’d better leg it! Puf! Puf Puf!”
Then he says “Arf! Arf! I think I managed to lose them! Puf! Puf! Puf!” Then Rosinha calls his name and hugs him, asking “I can’t belive it! What made you get here on time?” to which Zé answers “An unexpected event.” =)
Hope that helps.

Comment by Lemmasoft lurker

Yay! Thanks for a translation. Haha, classic Ze humor. >: )

Comment by reccaphoenix

It’s no big deal. Anyways: Here’s translation for comic 2:
The title is “The brave man”
Ze is saying through the first two panels “I say, Rosinha. You listen to me. This policemen thing is only for men. Only we, men, brave and strong, have conditions to protect you women, children, old people and arrest thieves and bla, bla, bla…”
In panel 3 Zé begins “Nowdays women… Uh?!” and the thief says “Hands up!”
Rosinha, after soundly trashing the thief, says to Zé in the last panel “What were you saying, Zé?” to which he answers “I was saying (gulp) that… Err… Women nowdays are as capable as men! (gulp)”

As a note, I’ve never seen Rosinha as a police officer before, so I think this idea was scrapped in later issues ,probably because of the corruption stories of real policemen circulating around here…

Anyways, sorry I didn’t leave my e-mail before. Feel free to contact if you want some translation or information about Zé. I’m not exactly a specialist, but I suppose living in Brazil helps… =P

Comment by Lemmasoft lurker

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