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More Comic Book Cover Antics

The first is one of Zé at the dentist, but his dentist is his crow friend Nestor for some reason. How can he go to the dentist IF HE DOESN’T HAVE TEETH? He’s a parrot!

The next one is wrong in so many ways….he is shocked by all these parrots that look like him but are “wild” non-anthropomorphized parrots. Is this an instance of that weird Goofy-Pluto dynamic (both are dogs but one actually acts like one…)? Well, there are several explanations for why Zé is so surprised here: 1)all these dirty wild parrots are in his hammock all of a sudden. 2)These parrots are his illegitimate babies from all over town, hehehe >: ) 3)the parrots are completely naked with their naked bodies all over his hammock.

The third one: If that other comic I posted a while back hadn’t already hinted that Zé is a cannibal, this one does. He’s stolen EGGS from some CHICKENS and a ROOSTER…presumably to eat or maybe dye for easter. Again, HE’S A BIRD however anthropomorphized he may be and birds don’t eat eggs or color them for easter. What would Panchito think!?

Fourth one: How lazy can you get? He can’t even drag his butt inside to take a shower, so he’s doing it in his hammock IN HIS YARD in semi-public view >_< And speaking of showering….. the next one isn’t the ideal cover for a children’s comic book but at least he had the decency to move inside.

The sixth one: Hooray, back in the classic clothes! :D And his tail is the right color here! Looking at this page, all the stories with “classic” Zé have the blue and red tail and all the “new” ones have Zé with a green tail. But then I looked at some slightly older ones and Zé’s tail is red, blue, and yellow! It’s probably a shift in artists… His eye color keeps changing too. The original had red eyes, but the new ones have blue or brown eyes sometimes.

The 7th one: Star Wars! yaay!

Number 8: he’s dressed like a pirate for a costume party but he has a PIRATE on his shoulder! Hahaha ^_^

All these cover scans come from Vila Xurupita.


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Man, I wish I could read these in english or spainish …I really need to learn portugese lol

Comment by considermecrazy

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