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José and Rosinha, Changing Colours
July 19, 2007, 4:58 am
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<—-Well, it seems that Rosinha has in fact become more birdlike in recent years. Awesome. This comic is from last year, and it’s the most recent cover I could find on INDUCKS. José has not lost his ridiculous ’90s outfit yet. He looks like Terry Bogard…..


Here’s an interesting one. José is probably getting ready for a date (from what I can make out of Portuguese, he says “Rosinha’s gonna kill me!”)….not wearing a ’90s outfit this time. He then gets his tail stuck in the door >: ) If the story hadn’t been about a tail, I wouldn’t have noticed this, but his tail is GREEN all over here. Everyone knows the original’s tail is blue and red (see below) but even in a few US comics he has a green tail. I don’t know if the actual parrot species (can’t remember the name….) that he’s based on has a multicolored tail or not. I guess I should double-check that footage of the real parrots on Saludos Amigos.


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I checkd but I couldn’t see. I know quite a lot about tropical birds especially parrots, what can I say, I love parrots! One reason why I like these movies so much. There really isn’t a species that’s pure green which, which the footage from Saludos Amigos shows clearly shows. That they showed that was the influence breed for Jose, is most likely a:

Yellow-crowned Amazon *bright green with some red and yellow*, red eyes and a grey bill. Found from Mexico to Brazil and Columbia and is feral in the U.S.
I’m not too sure about tail feathers.

Comment by Kenzie

Yes, looking at pictures of the yellow-crowned amazon, you could certainly be right….

Comment by reccaphoenix

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