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Saludos Amigos – opinion
July 19, 2007, 12:58 am
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Well I finally got to see Saludos Amigos for the first time, but I had to go to a lot of trouble to find a reasonably-priced copy….and Netflix didn’t have it. Thanks to WONDERFUL EBAY I was able to buy a copy, though.

It was my first time seeing the film in its entirety, and I was both impressed and disappointed. The educational part was entertaining and very well done, and I liked seeing the artists’ concept sketches.

It was awfully short, though, and the making-of segment in the extras covered more areas than the actual film, which was only 40 minutes.

“Lake titicaca” was pretty funny, I’d say it’s a good Disney short overall.

“Pedro” was cute and well-animated, but the overnarration sort of killed it for me. I’d rather have heard a song narrating the story or preferably NOTHING beyond what’s absolutely necessary.

I wonder why “the flying gauchito” didn’t make it into the final film, it looked like a promising concept.

“Gaucho Goofy” was entertaining and reminded me of his “everyman” shorts. The narration and “educational” aspect therefore didn’t feel out of place.

“Aquarela do Brasil” was amazing, with great music and a unique animation style. Sure, it wasn’t as “educational” as the others but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish the other segments could’ve been more like this one. Thankfully, that’s exactly what Disney did with The Three Caballeros, which lost a lot of “educational” value I’m sure but it was incredibly fun. I haven’t seen the entire thing in years but as soon as I get my DVD I’ll post my new thoughts on that one.

The animation on all the shorts was great, and visually this is a wonderful film. The music is also top-notch and I highly recommend this film for latin music fans. The shortness and overnarration in some parts detract from it though.

As far as actually FINDING a copy of this movie, good luck. Disney’s limited reprints have made it almost impossible to find a new copy in a store for a reasonable price, or even a used copy from for under 30 bucks. I highly recommend EBAY for this (don’t be afraid to order from overseas) and your local Blockbuster or similar establishment. Netflix does not have this film right now, maybe they’ll get it when Disney reprints it (and I’m sure that won’t be for a while….it’s not exactly in high demand…)


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