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LEGIBLE and awesome comics scans…

After a good deal of searching (I love you, Google ❤), I have found some nicely-sized English comics scans.

This one is from “The 3 Caballeros Ride Again” by Don Rosa. José is up to no good again with some strangely humanoid people. T_T;;; Here is the second page.

Here’s one of the very old 1940s comic (first few pages only).


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Bom dia! Recca , I read about your rantings on Rosinha’s Charater design , and I tottaly agree! So..Me being the crazy mad genuis that I am…made this for you <3

A version of her that looks a little more like a bird. n__n;..Hope you enjoy it! ;D

Comment by Vida

I love your drawing, Vida! Great birdlike Rosinha with a nice latin-looking outfit too :D

Comment by reccaphoenix

You’re welcome n__n and an intresting little fact, The flower behind her is the National Flower of Brazil ; The Coursage Orchid. n_n

Comment by zombieartist101

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