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Another l’il tangent: aging actors

I think the only job washed-up, aging actors can get besides playing washed-up, aging actors (cough cough,…..Lost in Translation…) and parodies of their former character selves is voicing cartoon villains. Why is it that every other low-budget cartoon I see in the store has “featuring the voice of…<insert old british actor here>!!!” in huge letters on it as if to legitimize it somehow?

In Malcolm McDowell‘s case, he’s guilty of two of the above at the same time :P “Mad Mod” in Teen Titans is essentially a parody of all things British, and the episodes featuring him use many elements of Monty Python, Yellow Submarine, and of course A Clockwork Orange. I’ll admit, this is very very funny and far beyond your standard *use well-known actor to make parents buy crap movie* strategy.

The recent Ratatouille featured our Lawrence ( <3 ), Peter O’Toole voicing a villain but I never saw it once in all the publicity material, it wasn’t abused. Also, this movie was one of the best I’ve seen in the past 5 years or so in the theaters, it’s my favourite pixar film to date and an absolute 5-star masterpiece. And yes, Peter O’Toole did a great job.

There was an article in Entertainment Weekly last year about “good” actors doing shameless “paycheck” roles, it was a countdown. And the #1 was Robert DeNiro playing Fearless Leader in the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie. I enjoyed that movie immensely at the time, but yeah, I guess it put a stain on DeNiro’s portfolio…. but hey, we all gotta make money….


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