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“Aquarela do Brasil” (Brazil)

salami-brasilaqua.jpgAs you all know, “Aquarela do Brasil,” or “Brazil” as it’s known in the USA, became popular in the US after it was in “Saludos Amigos.” The song was originally written by Ary Barroso, who contributed many great songs to the world of Brazilian samba. This website offers an interesting look at all the incarnations of “Aquarela do Brasil,” as well as all the translated versions of lyrics that have been offered.

Another film that made this song (in)famous was Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil,” which uses the English version.

I love this song very much….and have been attempting to learn the lyrics in semi-passable Portuguese…because I really don’t like the English lyrics. >_<

Anyone else who has stories, etc., anything related to the song, comment away!

***Additional tidbit (5/2/08)*** You’ll notice on the sheet music image above that even the font and style of writing of the word “Brazil” were imitated in the Terry Gilliam film.

Also, a high-res image of the sheet music cover can be found here.

Another resemblance – the cover of the Saludos Amigos Decca soundtrack album from the ’40s (click for full size):


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I remember this from when I was a kid and it made me really love and have interest for my culture I am brasilian! thanks!

Comment by rosa dasilva

I know this is an old post, but is there any bigger size of the image you posted?

Comment by Elliot

Beautiful picture, isn’t it? You might be able to find scans somewhere…it’s a sheet music cover. Here is the largest size I have:

Also of interest is the cover of the original soundtrack album:

Comment by reccaphoenix

Just found an image in the original size from a digital sheet music site:

Comment by reccaphoenix

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