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Classic Ze + The Mystery of Jose Carioca’s Cigar

I thought these were some nice “Classic Zé” covers, a welcome change from the most recent jeans-90s-looking-outfit. Here’s another silly thing I noticed – his trademark cigar has disappeared. We all know it was noticeably absent from the animation featured on the 3 Caballeros ride at EPCOT, but…

So I did some research with older comics (I love you, INDUCKS…) to see when and where Zé gave up smoking. In his first few comic appearances, the cigar is absent but it returns in this 1944 comic:

The cigar seems to have disappeared in the 1950s.

End of story…


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This is a great blog!

Comment by Latino Punidt

:D Thank you!

Comment by reccaphoenix

I also just noticed that his gloves disappeared in the comics as well….

Comment by reccaphoenix

Ah, curse you liberal minded media and your propaganda that says all smokers are terrorists.

Comment by Kenzie

Well, they wouldn’t want people thinking that Ze was consorting with godless Cuban communists to get his cigars, no? ;)
That’s my theory anyway.

Comment by reccaphoenix

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