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Three Caballeros-related souvenir…from Disney World.
September 23, 2007, 3:27 pm
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Well, if you ever go to EPCOT in Florida, you can get one of these too!

Yes, it’s a MEXICAN DONALD plushie, and they sell them outside Philharmagic in the Magic Kingdom as well.  I know it’s just another one of the EPCOT line where they sell the 5 main Disney characters dressed as the different countries, but it’s basically Three Caballeros merchandise!!!  So of course I bought it without hesitation.


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The Mexico Pavilion at Epcot has some new 3 Caballeros merchandise. They have adult size t-shirts in red, blue, and a child’s size green (the shirts are also available at Panchito’s Gift Shop at the Coronado Springs resort), a mug, and a set of ceramic coasters. Also, all 3 Caballeros appear as costumed characters throughout the day outside and to the right of the Pavilion.

Comment by Loosetoon

That is almost too exciting for words. :D *cries* Must…go back….spend more money…..

Comment by reccaphoenix

I have never seen Three Caballeros T-shirts,as much as I want one. I want one of Ze and his umbrella and cigar, but considering my shcool rules, I wouldn’t be suprised If It was banned.
Principle: We don’t want your shirt to give the impression that cigar smoking is cool.
It’s sad, really.

Comment by Kenzie

*Disney park worker snatches cigar from Ze*
park worker: NO SMOKING!
Ze: *grumbles something in Portuguese*
Donald: $%@#@&* those guys, gimme your flask.
*The park workers are dismayed to find Donald and Ze quite drunk by the time they have to go and meet the little kiddies (who have no idea who they are).

Comment by reccaphoenix

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