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You may recall a previous complaint about the Disney 50 states pin series and the fact that the New Mexico pin had Jose Carioca (not Panchito, the obvious choice), when Panchito wasn’t even used in the state pin series. You can see all the images here for all 50 state pins.

This is related to my interest in country mascots and representations of countries/areas, which I’ve previously ranted about before.

Out of curiosity, I looked to see which character represented my former homeland, South Carolina, a regular complaint of mine is its less-than-peachy representation in the media….but that’s a rant for another time (and one that belongs on my other blog). So, it was Belle from Beauty and the Beast!


Well, that’s nice, it coulda been Brer Rabbit or something possibly offensive (though I do love Brer Rabbit as well) I guess they picked her because she was a southern “belle?” (yes, pun intended). By the way, South Carolina is NOT shaped like that. It’s far less lumpy.

I decided to talk about all of the 50 states pins. I then found out there were actually SEVERAL 50 states sets, I will cover the others another time.

If you can make sense of the ones I can’t, please please comment.

  • Alabama – Lady from “Lady and the Tramp.” I guess she’s a nice southern girl, too.
  • Alaska – Monstro the whale from “Pinocchio.” I can see the reasoning here, but maybe Brother Bear characters would’ve been more appropriate. I think these pins predate that film, though.
  • Arizona a cowboy version of Pete, complete with cigar. Not too great, maybe they shoulda used Panchito here?
  • Arkansas – Pumbaa from “The Lion King.” What?!
  • CaliforniaDonald with a surfboard. This is nice, although I really think Mickey should be in California because the ORIGINAL Disneyland was there and Mickey is SUPPOSED to live there, although WDW in Florida gets far more attendance nowadays than Disneyland.
  • Colorado – Baloo from “The Jungle Book.” I don’t know if they have bears in Colorado, but I can guarantee they’re not jungle bears like Baloo.
  • ConnecticutIchabod Crane (Legend of Sleepy Hollow). This actually makes sense, and I applaud the use of a little-known character.
  • Delaware – Tigger. No idea.
  • Florida Mickey Mouse with resort wear. Go figure, Mickey’s temporary home in Florida gets more visitors than his real one in California.
  • GeorgiaBrer Bear. I knew one of the southern states would be the recipient of a “Song of the South” character. Well, you know what, this is great. South Carolina grows more peaches than Georgia but GEORGIA gets to be the PEACH STATE. Well guess what, SC’s better this time. Hah.
  • Hawai’i was Lilo for obvious reasons.
  • Idaho – Mr. Potato Head from “Toy Story.” Well, potatoes are Idaho’s only claim to fame…
  • Illinois – Goofy. I have no idea. Maybe they figured all the millions of people in Chicago would object to having a less-well-known character on their state pin.
  • The following three make NO SENSE to me: Iowa has Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh, Indiana has the Cheshire Cat, and Kansas has Piglet.
  • KentuckyHorace Horsecollar. Well, he’s a horse, duh.
  • Louisiana – Brer Rabbit. Oh, Louisiana…. well, I guess it beats a Mardi Gras reference?
  • MaineElliott the dragon. Apparently “Pete’s Dragon” takes place in Maine.
  • Maryland – Sebastian. Maryland is known for its Chesapeake Bay crabs and crab meat dishes, so this one makes good sense to me.
  • Massachusetts – Chip the teacup from “Beauty and the Beast.” At first I was puzzled but then I remembered – THE BOSTON TEA PARTY! OHHHH! Maybe they should have used Mrs. Potts, though.
  • Michigan – Mr. Toad. I dunno, maybe they were thinking of Michigan J. Frog from Looney Tunes by accident?
  • Minnesota – The Blue Fairy from “Pinocchio.” I think this is because Minnesota is “The North Star State” and the Blue Fairy relates to a star. But then again, Minnesota is also the “gopher state,” so they could have used gopher from Winnie the Pooh.
  • Mississippi – Steamboat Willie. The river. Of course.
  • Missouri – Cinderella. Again, this one eludes me.
  • Montana – Scrooge McDuck.
  • Nebraska – Pocahontas. I think we’re forgetting here that POCAHONTAS IS FROM VIRGINIA!!! If they had to use an American Indian for this one, they coulda gone with Little Hiawatha or another character.
  • Oh, here’s one to piss off all you Nevada residents. Your whole state is already known only for Las Vegas, and what do they put on the Nevada pin but a showgirl Daisy Duck.
  • New Hampshire – Arthur from “The Sword in the Stone.” I found an explanation for this one at this site:

“New Hampshire is known as the granite state.”

  • New Jersey – Flower the skunk from “Bambi.” Took me some thinkin’ but here’s the explanation: New Jersey is the GARDEN STATE. Garden….flowers….yeah.
  • New York – Minnie as the Statue of Liberty. See, they coulda used Minnie for any state….if you ask me, they should have used a character from Oliver and Company for this one because that takes place in NYC.
  • North Carolina – Dumbo wearing flight goggles. North Carolina’s big claim to fame is that the Wright Brothers made the first successful airplane flight there.
  • North Dakota – James from “James and the Giant Peach,” which I didn’t even know was a Disney film. North Dakota is what is commonly referred to as a “nothing state” with no claim to fame or landmarks or sports teams. I don’t think they grow peaches there, either. If they had to use James, he should have been used for Georgia, the PEACH STATE.
  • Ohio – Chip and Dale (in their Rescue Rangers gear). I don’t know why they used them, but it could have been worse. You know, many astronauts are from Ohio (they had an astronaut on their state quarter) but they used Buzz Lightyear for Wyoming! Come on….
  • Oklahoma – Cruella deVil from “101 Dalmations.” Again, no idea.
  • Oregon – Meeko the raccoon from “Pocahontas.” Yes, he’s from Virginia, but I don’t know of any state where they don’t have raccoons. But hey, Donald Duck is the mascot for the University of Oregon and they didn’t use him here?!? Awww….
  • Pennsylvania – Pluto. Y’know, I think Pluto the planet was discovered in New Mexico actually…
  • Rhode Island – Ariel. It makes sense, it’s a very ship-oriented state.
  • South Dakota – Sleeping Beauty. Come on, that doesn’t even make sense!
  • Tennessee – Trusty (the bloodhound) from “Lady and the Tramp.” This one works, but they probably should have used something related to country music…
  • Texas – Woody from “Toy Story.” But I was expecting Pecos Bill!!!
  • Utah – Winnie the Pooh running from a cloud of bees holding his hunny pot. Utah is the honey bee state, apparently.
  • Vermont – Snow White. Okay, there was apparently a marketing scheme here to get all the princesses on state pins, it’s the only explanation.
  • Virginia – Bambi. How the HECK do you use POCAHONTAS (FROM VIRGINIA!!!) on A DIFFERENT STATE and then use BAMBI for Virginia?!?! Hey, I bet no one knew the state mammal of South Carolina is the white-tailed deer….
  • Washington – the evil witch from “Snow White.” No one likes her, but Washington is known for its apples. Hence, the evil witch with an apple.
  • West Virginia – Grumpy from “Snow White.” This refers to West Virginia’s mining industry.
  • Wisconsin – Clarabelle Cow in a ballerina costume. Wisconsin = dairy = cows.
  • Wyoming – Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story.”

Wanna know what ticks me off? They didn’t use Pecos Bill, Johnny Appleseed, or Panchito. And I really think one of those “Once Upon a Wintertime” characters would have suited Vermont far better than Snow White.

Comments relating to the reasoning for these pins/your own ideas are highly welcome and appreciated.


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I kinda get the Pumbaa for Arkansas thing. Warthogs resemble pigs, as do razorbacks, the mascot for the University of Arkansas.

As for Cruella for Oklahoma…yeah, I don’t get it either and I’m from Oklahoma. You would think they would use maybe a Tigerlily or something since Oklahoma was Indian Territory before it became a state.

Comment by Jillian

Sweet, your from the same state as Stephen Colbert! I want to visit there, I’m a Civil War nut.
As for my home state, California. As much as I love surfing, I dislike the stereotypical surfer for the Californian. There’s so much more going on here than high hippie surfers. And Ducks pretending to be surfers.
My Pa’s from Nebraska, so of course I checked that one out. Pitiful, no? Pocahontas? Really, is that the best you could do Disney? Sure It’s Nebraska, who would make an animated cartoon about that, I mean it’s mostly fields of corn. Disney just didn’t try hard enough, especially for this one.

Comment by Kenzie

As for the lack of Panchito, he would of faired well in California or Texas. They have a large amount of Latino immigrants. Most of my town is Little Mexico. Most people speak Spanish. Lots of Taco Trucks, my favorite. Most people have Mexican in them, even me at 1/4.
And both states border Mexico, where once Mexico and are the most Mexican of all states.
And California was settled, and explored by…the Vaquero, Mexican Cowboy. And Panchito wears the steorypical Vaquero attire.

Comment by Kenzie

Hey!!! I’m from Virgina, but I sure think Panchito or Pecos Bill would have been perfect for Texas or New Mexico. Afterall, The Three Caballeros is still one of the masterpieces of animation.

Comment by Hera Kunberger

I like your descriptions of the state pins. It seems you were stuck on the same ones I was. However I was surprised that you were unable to figure out the Michigan pin. Michigan is well known for automobile manufactoring, and Mr. Toad is well known for his obsession with motor cars, hence the similarity. And on Mr. Toad’s wild ride, you ride in a car.

Also, Iowa is Rabbit because he is a farmer and Iowa is known for farming.

Also, I agree that the choice of Pocohontas for Nebraska was lame, she is holding corn, which is a staple crop of Nebraska.

Comment by Eowyn Smith

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