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Carnival Time with Jose Carioca (1962)
January 6, 2008, 8:43 am
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Rob at Animation Backgrounds recently contacted me looking for any video or information sources for a Wonderful World of Color (a.k.a. Wonderful World of Disney) episode from March 4th, 1962 called “Carnival Time With Jose Carioca.”

This episode has not been released on any Disney collectors/vault series fancy-tin limited-edition DVDs yet. Several episodes from the Disneyland TV series have shown up on various discs within those collections but no luck with this particular episode *sigh* I’d like to see this one : (

And YES, I’ve checked Youtube. All I’ve been able to find on the entire internets so far is a little blurb summary stating “Ludwig Von Drake’s correspondents Donald Duck and Jose Carioca report from New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro” on MSN TV.

Anyway, he says he has production stills/cels from this episode!

anyone have more details/videos/images from this show?


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I have a copy of this on VHS… It was shown on the Disney Channel years ago. I can probably send you a copy, if you still have aVHS player…

Comment by Joe

Hi Joe! Please email me

Sincere thanks!

Comment by Rob Richards

I’d love to see that one, they should put it on the DVD that’s coming this April.

Comment by Kenzie

My daughter is dying to see this episode, she adores José Carioca. Is there any way to contact Disney to let them know there’s an interest in these old shows?

Comment by Peggy Chavez

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