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“Saludos Amigos” Box Art: A Visual History

This is not nearly as interesting as the history of Three Caballeros box art, seeing as Saludos Amigos has only been released once on its own, and twice as a set with Caballeros.

1.) The 1995 Laserdisc Box Set:

This cover is all right, but it’s clearly representative of Caballeros rather than both films.

2.) The 2000 DVD/VHS:

The full jacket (which was the same for both the VHS and DVD) can be viewed here (large file). I suppose this cover is good enough, but the shininess of it kind of bothers me. I also think putting Goofy front and center isn’t all that great a marketing decision – Donald Duck probably sells a lot more. Jose Carioca’s weird anti-gravity hat is also a strange artistic decision. All and all, I think this cover could have been a lot better, especially considering some of the beautiful artwork this film generated:

By the way….if any of you guys know of any alternate covers other than the ones mentioned here (even if they’re bootlegs), post the image link in your comment!

3.) The 2008 DVD Combo Set:

This is worse than the earlier DVD cover. It’s just a crappy mashup of artwork from both DVDs, utterly ruined by the “2-MOVIE COLLECTION OMG!” bargain banner on the bottom. The text on the box is ugly and too large.

Come on, Disney, you could do so much better…. Think about all the old gorgeous Disney posters from the days of theatrical re-releases. Even some of the re-re-re-releases had nice posters!

Feel free to post your own opinions and ideas concerning box art.  You can also read my post about 3 Caballeros box art.


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