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A cover of ‘The Three Caballeros’ and other interesting YouTube finds
April 26, 2009, 1:40 am
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Here’s a great cover of “The Three Caballeros” song, sung by Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters.  I like its being played on an old gramophone as well, it just adds to the atmosphere.

This clip came to my attention courtesy of reader Kaze.  Thanks!

Here’s a hilarious “music video” for an Exit 57 song that uses clips from The Three Caballeros.  It’s really well-edited and the song is hilarious.  For those of you that don’t know, Exit 57 was an old comedy sketch TV program that featured now-famous Stephen Colbert.  He sings in this video!

And here’s Brazilian singer Jose Oliveira, the voice actor of José Carioca, performing live on the Mickey Mouse Club:

He’s playing a Mexican song, “Jesusita en Chihuahua,” a.k.a. “the cactus song” from The Three Caballeros.

I hope you enjoyed these videos, I certainly did.  (This blog’s not dead yet!)


The Latin America films in other languages

I enjoy looking at titles (and clips) of films I like in other languages (namely the two I’ve studied, Japanese and Spanish). So naturally, this line of inquiry led to an investigation of the Latin America films and issues in their titling, marketing, and translation. (And besides, I haven’t written a good, long article in ages). For example, how does a film called “Saludos Amigos” work out in countries where no one is familiar with Spanish? And what was the film called in Portugal? What about the songs and character names? Well, this is what the article covers, so keep reading. Continue reading

Samba Train Music
December 17, 2007, 5:25 pm
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When Jose and Donald go to Bahia in “The 3 Caballeros,” they ride on a cute little train with a samba beat.  I absolutely LOVE the music from that part of the film.  Well, thanks to an audio capture program, you can listen to it whenever you want!

Click here!

Enjoy :)

All About “Blame It on the Samba”

Yet another amazing article from Musica Brasiliensis.…this time about the last major appearance of one of our Latin American bird friends (Jose Carioca) in a Disney feature, the “Blame it on the Samba” segment of the surreal “Melody Time,” which I absolutely love, and was dismayed to find that the version I was peddled on iTunes (off the 1970s Saludos Amigos combo album) doesn’t feature Ethel Smith’s mind-blowing Hammond organ work. Being a former organist myself, that’s my favorite part of the song.

Anyway, here’s a video of the segment if you’ve never seen it….

Yes, the Aracuan bird is there too T_T;;;

The lyrics in English may not be all that great, but the instrumentation and animation are incredible ^_^


You’re an idiot if you don’t snatch this up – ORIGINAL 1940s sheet music for “Baía” (Na Baixa do Sapateiro), a great song featured in “The Three Caballeros.” Yes, the site has pictures on it. And yes, it looks like a nicely decorated little piece, I still like the “Brazil” sheet music cover a lot better though.

“Aquarela do Brasil” (Brazil)

salami-brasilaqua.jpgAs you all know, “Aquarela do Brasil,” or “Brazil” as it’s known in the USA, became popular in the US after it was in “Saludos Amigos.” The song was originally written by Ary Barroso, who contributed many great songs to the world of Brazilian samba. This website offers an interesting look at all the incarnations of “Aquarela do Brasil,” as well as all the translated versions of lyrics that have been offered.

Another film that made this song (in)famous was Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil,” which uses the English version.

I love this song very much….and have been attempting to learn the lyrics in semi-passable Portuguese…because I really don’t like the English lyrics. >_<

Anyone else who has stories, etc., anything related to the song, comment away!

***Additional tidbit (5/2/08)*** You’ll notice on the sheet music image above that even the font and style of writing of the word “Brazil” were imitated in the Terry Gilliam film.

Also, a high-res image of the sheet music cover can be found here.

Another resemblance – the cover of the Saludos Amigos Decca soundtrack album from the ’40s (click for full size):

About the soundtracks. Free music.

aquarelaDisney has never released soundtracks for Saludos Amigos and The 3 Caballeros that feature the actual tracks from the films. In the 1940s, they released Charles Wolcott versions on official albums (they can be found at and in the 1970s, they released a combo album called “Saludos Amigos” with new (mostly not-very-good) versions of songs from both films. If you want to hear more about the various soundtracks of these two films, you can check out Mousepod’s podcast on both of them, it includes a complete history.

BUT WAIT!!! With an audio capture program, I have obtained a partial version of the Saludos Amigos cut of “Aquarela do Brasil” by Aloysio Oliveira and “Tico Tico no Fubá” Continue reading