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interviews and (more) reviews: Walt and El Grupo
August 7, 2008, 11:49 am
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Today I discovered an interview with Ted Thomas, the director of the previously-mentioned Walt and El Grupo, a new documentary about Walt Disney’s trip to Latin America.

You can read the interview at Jim Hill Media.

I thought I would post some additional reviews of Walt and El Grupo as well, to provide some second opinions.

My review of the film.

Variety’s review (unfavorable)

A fan’s favorable review, posted on the Seattle Int’l Film Festival website.

Favorable review at Prost Amerika. It seems to summarize more than review, but ranks the film 8 out of 10.

Review at Musica Brasiliensis (a great resource for everything related to Brazilian music). The site’s author assisted the filmmakers.

And here’s the official website for the film.


Kingdom Hearts?

This site wrote a list of the “top 10 characters missing in Kingdom Hearts.” I don’t play video games anymore really, and I haven’t played the 2nd Kingdom Hearts yet. While the 3 caballeros is not really the basis for a “world” in Kingdom Hearts, a cameo summon (comin’ out with guns blazing! :D ) or something would be nice. Does anyone know if a Kingdom Hearts 3 is in the works? Come on, if they were expanding the series to live action Disney films like Tron and Pirates of the Caribbean in Kingdom Hearts 2, they could at least throw in some kind of tribute to the older films.

Three Caballeros-related souvenir…from Disney World.
September 23, 2007, 3:27 pm
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Well, if you ever go to EPCOT in Florida, you can get one of these too!

Yes, it’s a MEXICAN DONALD plushie Continue reading

Transcribed “comics story”: “Panchito’s Party”

“Panchito’s Party” was published in 1955, and thanks to the wonders of INDUCKS, I was able to find a very small image of this story, you can see the little illustration at the top. The author was not listed, unfortunately.

So, after much squinting I have succeeded in transcribing this little story. I marked the words I wasn’t sure about with a star*, as they may be wrong.

7/16/07 – Thanks to Richard for providing the words I couldn’t figure out.


“Guess who I saw today,” said Mickey Mouse to Minnie. “Somebody you haven’t seen in a long time.”
“Lady or gentleman?” asked Minnie, playing the quiz game with much excitement.
“Gentleman – and quite a *fancy one,” replied Mickey.

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