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A cover of ‘The Three Caballeros’ and other interesting YouTube finds
April 26, 2009, 1:40 am
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Here’s a great cover of “The Three Caballeros” song, sung by Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters.  I like its being played on an old gramophone as well, it just adds to the atmosphere.

This clip came to my attention courtesy of reader Kaze.  Thanks!

Here’s a hilarious “music video” for an Exit 57 song that uses clips from The Three Caballeros.  It’s really well-edited and the song is hilarious.  For those of you that don’t know, Exit 57 was an old comedy sketch TV program that featured now-famous Stephen Colbert.  He sings in this video!

And here’s Brazilian singer Jose Oliveira, the voice actor of José Carioca, performing live on the Mickey Mouse Club:

He’s playing a Mexican song, “Jesusita en Chihuahua,” a.k.a. “the cactus song” from The Three Caballeros.

I hope you enjoyed these videos, I certainly did.  (This blog’s not dead yet!)


The 3 Caballeros in Chinese!
June 15, 2008, 2:03 pm
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I happen to be in possession of a Chinese dub of The 3 Caballeros. As a follow-up to my earlier post on foreign-language versions of the Latin America films, I decided to upload some clips to showcase Donald, Panchito, and José Carioca’s Chinese voices:

I apologise for the large file size – it’s about 70 Mb.

I can’t say the actual match-dubbing was done all that well…

Anyone who can speak Chinese – what’s your opinion of the voice acting and translation?

The Latin America films in other languages

I enjoy looking at titles (and clips) of films I like in other languages (namely the two I’ve studied, Japanese and Spanish). So naturally, this line of inquiry led to an investigation of the Latin America films and issues in their titling, marketing, and translation. (And besides, I haven’t written a good, long article in ages). For example, how does a film called “Saludos Amigos” work out in countries where no one is familiar with Spanish? And what was the film called in Portugal? What about the songs and character names? Well, this is what the article covers, so keep reading. Continue reading

NEW DOCUMENTARY about Disney’s trip to Latin America
April 6, 2008, 12:30 pm
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A new documentary about Walt Disney’s trip to Latin America (the inspiration for the Latin America films) is going to be premiered at this year’s San Francisco International Film Fest. It is called Walt and El Grupo, and was directed by Kuniko Okubo and Ted Thomas. You can visit the film’s official website here. The film is being supported by the Walt Disney Family Foundation (the same organization behind the Walt Disney Family Museum set to open in the San Francisco Presidio next year).

I’ll definitely record my impressions here right after I see the film. If you can get to SF in late April, check out the film and let me know what you think! The venue is the Sundance Kabuki Cinemas in San Francisco’s Japantown. Here are the show times:

Sat. Apr. 26th 1:15 PM, Mon. Apr. 28th 6:00 PM, Wed. Apr. 30th 12:30 PM

If you’re looking for a place to eat before or after the show, I highly recommend Takara in the Japantown mall (on the side nearest the hotel). There are many other restaurants in the mall as well. Don’t forget to get some mochi ice cream :P

(Thanks to Loosetoon for this exciting news!)

Carnival Time with Jose Carioca (1962)
January 6, 2008, 8:43 am
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Rob at Animation Backgrounds recently contacted me looking for any video or information sources for a Wonderful World of Color (a.k.a. Wonderful World of Disney) episode from March 4th, 1962 called “Carnival Time With Jose Carioca.”

This episode has not been released on any Disney collectors/vault series fancy-tin limited-edition DVDs yet. Several episodes from the Disneyland TV series have shown up on various discs within those collections but no luck with this particular episode *sigh* I’d like to see this one : (

And YES, I’ve checked Youtube. All I’ve been able to find on the entire internets so far is a little blurb summary stating “Ludwig Von Drake’s correspondents Donald Duck and Jose Carioca report from New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro” on MSN TV.

Anyway, he says he has production stills/cels from this episode!

anyone have more details/videos/images from this show?

All About “Blame It on the Samba”

Yet another amazing article from Musica Brasiliensis.…this time about the last major appearance of one of our Latin American bird friends (Jose Carioca) in a Disney feature, the “Blame it on the Samba” segment of the surreal “Melody Time,” which I absolutely love, and was dismayed to find that the version I was peddled on iTunes (off the 1970s Saludos Amigos combo album) doesn’t feature Ethel Smith’s mind-blowing Hammond organ work. Being a former organist myself, that’s my favorite part of the song.

Anyway, here’s a video of the segment if you’ve never seen it….

Yes, the Aracuan bird is there too T_T;;;

The lyrics in English may not be all that great, but the instrumentation and animation are incredible ^_^

Gran Fiesta Tour and Donald’s voices.

<For all of you who don’t know – the 3 caballeros ride in the Mexico pavillion at Epcot center in WDW.>

The Trapped on Vacation Podcast recently did an audio ride-through of the Gran Fiesta Tour, which can be found here. It’s a nice way to re-experience the ride with very good-quality audio.I never noticed, for instance, that the characters give the send-off when you finish the ride. It sounds a little odd to hear them telling you not to forget your stuff….tee hee…. :P I wonder if it wasn’t “really” something like…

José Carioca: Please exit the boat as quickly as possible…**so that I may take the stuff you forget and sell it back to you for exorbitant prices at the store, hehehehe**
Attractive women should remain on the vehicle to exit at an unspecified future date. Please leave all tobacco products in the box at the gate. Thank you!

And I notice now (but didn’t when I rode it my first and only time) the big difference in voices (especially during the song). This is one of those “you know you’re a disney nerd when…” things but I can totally tell the difference between the original Clarence “Ducky” Nash Donald and the “new” Donald voices.

But back to the ride….Here’s a video of the entire thing if you want to spoil it for yourself or reminisce.

My thoughts? I had experienced El Rio del Tiempo before GFT and thought it was a pretty cute ride….for the 1980s. I distinctly remember it never had a wait and was quite well air-conditioned. But I can never say no to anything that references the 3 caballeros, especially in such a fitting way. And this has meant the introduction of 3 caballeros costume mascots to the park, though I didn’t get to see them when I was there. The ride is far more interesting now and has something “disney” and “cartoony” to it to hold the attention of the little ones with something QUALITY, not just a paper glitter glue mask. But enough comparison.

Warning: the following review contains spoilers.

The ride starts off going past the Maya/Aztec pyramids, a beautiful scene which I am glad is unchanged. It goes into the dark-ride-room where we find out Donald is missing and the three guys have a concert tonight so they have to find him. We see Donald and the guys in various hijinks around the city through videos in little windows throughout the ride, broken by a “Small-World” style animatronic scene of little Mexican kids celebrating *presumably* El Dia de Los Muertos in the middle. This is an unchanged segment of the old ride. We then go into a nicely-done scene of Mexico city with fireworks and a stage where the guys are singing a segment of “The Three Caballeros” (the following video only shows this finale):

The animation is great and the new version of the song is, too! The ride overall is quite enjoyable.

The “new version” of the song is different in that the three sing together in some parts (yes, Donald too >_< ) and the voices are all new. Fans of the original will notice this right away. They only sing the first part of the song. *yes, the “three gay caballeros” line is still there, but leave it be :P *, so overly-sensitive parents need not get upset about the last line’s “suggestiveness” (the line this blog takes its title from :D )

Nitpickers like to remind us that José Carioca is BRAZILIAN and shouldn’t be a part of this ride. Well, then, he’s as much of a tourist as Donald! If Epcot ever decides to throw in a South American country pavilion (Brazil, please….) it would be pretty awesome to see Zé hosting some kind of dark ride train/boat ride through Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, etc. or maybe even a Tiki Room-style musical deal with some nice animatronics and samba numbers. You could even port the idea over into a musical restaurant, rainforest cafe-style.

One last thing…you’ll notice the ubiquitous *cigar* is missing for the entirety of Gran Fiesta Tour due to the brand-new animation. Yup.