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Three Caballeros Fan Art
September 26, 2008, 10:10 am
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Again, in lieu of “proper” content, and not wanting to go for a long time without posting anything, I’m presenting a selection of Three Caballeros-related artwork found on DeviantArt.  Just to be clear, these are not by me.

Anthropomorphized “human versions” of the three.

Wonderfully-drawn picture of the guys on the beach.

The caballeros in WW2-like military uniforms (I like!)

“Realistic” rendering.

Zé Carioca doing the whole Mary Poppins thing.

A badass rendering of the artist, Kuzco from The Emperor’s New Groove (hey, he IS South American and a llama), José, and Panchito.  I really dig this drawing despite its non-canon-ness.

Someone made their own SD 3 Caballeros figurines!  I would pay so much for these.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these pics and that they filled the void in this blog sufficiently enough ^^;;


Samba Train Music
December 17, 2007, 5:25 pm
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When Jose and Donald go to Bahia in “The 3 Caballeros,” they ride on a cute little train with a samba beat.  I absolutely LOVE the music from that part of the film.  Well, thanks to an audio capture program, you can listen to it whenever you want!

Click here!

Enjoy :)

Kingdom Hearts?

This site wrote a list of the “top 10 characters missing in Kingdom Hearts.” I don’t play video games anymore really, and I haven’t played the 2nd Kingdom Hearts yet. While the 3 caballeros is not really the basis for a “world” in Kingdom Hearts, a cameo summon (comin’ out with guns blazing! :D ) or something would be nice. Does anyone know if a Kingdom Hearts 3 is in the works? Come on, if they were expanding the series to live action Disney films like Tron and Pirates of the Caribbean in Kingdom Hearts 2, they could at least throw in some kind of tribute to the older films.

Collectible Pins

Sorry I haven’t updated for a while, but I wrote a colossal post here to make up for it ^^;;;

Several pins involving characters from the Latin America films have been manufactured for various occasions. Many of these photos come from and can be bought there. You can click the thumbnails for full-size images.

You can view a complete list (with images) of all the pins featuring the 3 caballeros, Panchito, whatever, by doing a search at

Disney pin designer 1: Hey, what should we use for Mexico?

Disney pin designer 2: Duh, I dunno. How about that parrot? They have parrots in Mexico.

1: Yeah, that’s the ticket!

normal person: Isn’t Panchito from Mexico?

2: Duh, what’s wrong with you? And who’s Panchito?

  • From some pin trading night at Disneyland.
  • For annual passholders to Disneyland. Cute theme, I guess, but Panchito looks a little too excited. Maybe he just walked outta that bar in the background >: )
  • If you scroll down this page, they have a nice one for Mexican Independence Day with a big ol’ Mexican flag and the caballeros.
  • AWESOME one for the 55th anniversary of the 3 Caballeros. (from
  • Apparently, they did a series of state pins once, and Jose Carioca was on the one for New Mexico. NEW MEXICO? Panchito, where are you? He’s not even on a pin!? There’s no excuse for this, Panchito should have been the one for New Mexico.

  • The rest of these wouldn’t let me link to the pictures, but you can see them if you click the links.


You’re an idiot if you don’t snatch this up – ORIGINAL 1940s sheet music for “Baía” (Na Baixa do Sapateiro), a great song featured in “The Three Caballeros.” Yes, the site has pictures on it. And yes, it looks like a nicely decorated little piece, I still like the “Brazil” sheet music cover a lot better though.

Some scholarly musings on “The Three Caballeros”

tc2.jpgHere’s a strangely interesting article on “The Three Caballeros” for all of you guys who like to get into analyzing Disney films (yes, being a film nerd, I do my share of this as well). I didn’t write this, someone far more academic and professional did. Take a look!

About the soundtracks. Free music.

aquarelaDisney has never released soundtracks for Saludos Amigos and The 3 Caballeros that feature the actual tracks from the films. In the 1940s, they released Charles Wolcott versions on official albums (they can be found at and in the 1970s, they released a combo album called “Saludos Amigos” with new (mostly not-very-good) versions of songs from both films. If you want to hear more about the various soundtracks of these two films, you can check out Mousepod’s podcast on both of them, it includes a complete history.

BUT WAIT!!! With an audio capture program, I have obtained a partial version of the Saludos Amigos cut of “Aquarela do Brasil” by Aloysio Oliveira and “Tico Tico no Fubá” Continue reading