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Transcribed “comics story”: “Panchito’s Party”

“Panchito’s Party” was published in 1955, and thanks to the wonders of INDUCKS, I was able to find a very small image of this story, you can see the little illustration at the top. The author was not listed, unfortunately.

So, after much squinting I have succeeded in transcribing this little story. I marked the words I wasn’t sure about with a star*, as they may be wrong.

7/16/07 – Thanks to Richard for providing the words I couldn’t figure out.


“Guess who I saw today,” said Mickey Mouse to Minnie. “Somebody you haven’t seen in a long time.”
“Lady or gentleman?” asked Minnie, playing the quiz game with much excitement.
“Gentleman – and quite a *fancy one,” replied Mickey.

“Hmmm,” said Minnie, thinking hard. “Was it that Foulfellow Fox?….No, you wouldn’t call HIM a gentleman.”
“I certainly wouldn’t,” responded Mickey emphatically. “Guess again.”
“Better give me another clue,” Minnie *begged.
“This fellow has been home for a visit — to another country. And,” Mickey added, “I invited him here for dinner tomorrow night.
“Gracious, you’d better tell me who it is, so I can be sure to cook something he likes,” said Minnie.
“Here, he brought something for you,” said Mickey. “Maybe now you can guess.”
Minnie took the little package Mickey handed her and opened it excitedly. “Oh it’s a bottle of special red chili sauce,” cried Minnie. “So, of course it must be Panchito!” <as if the title didn’t give it away already -_-;;;;>

“And you should see him, exclaimed Mickey. “He’s quite the cowboy, with his silver spurs and two guns.”
“Oh, I like Panchito,” said Minnie. “When he sings and plays the guitar…” Minnie became lost in a dreamy eyed memory.
“I’d better take up guitar playing if it means that much to you,” said Mickey.
“It’s not just me,” Minnie said to keep Mickey from feeling hurt. “Clarabelle likes to hear Panchito sing and play as much as I do.”
“That gives me an idea,” chimed in Mickey. “Why not ask Clarabelle to come for dinner? Then she could help you.”
“Mickey, no,” replied Minnie. “There’s an old saying that too many cooks spoil the *broth and I wouldn’t want anything to spoil this dinner for Panchito.”
“If it’s just as easy to cook a big pot of beans as a little one, why don’t we ask Grandma Duck, Goofy, and Jose Carioca, too?” suggested Mickey.
“That’s a wonderful idea,” agreed Minnie. “We’ll make this a real homecoming party for Panchito. He’ll be so pleased!”
And, indeed, Panchito was. When he arrived at Minnie’s house the next evening, he greeted all his old friends affectionately. Then he sniffed the air with delighted anticipation.
“Aaah, thees aroma, thees perfume of thees dinner…eet ees better than *mine,” said Panchito.
“Oh, you say the nicest things,” giggled Minnie.
“I mean eat,” proposed Panchito. “My nose tell me thees dinner will be deleeshus!”
“I hope so,” sighed Minnie. “But I’d better make sure everything is all right.”
Minnie went out into the kitchen and dipped a spoon into the beans to sample them. “Maybe I’d better add a little *more of Panchito’s red chili sauce,” she said to herself. “I want them to be really scrumptious.”
When Minnie went back to the front room, Panchito was talking about his visit to Mexico, telling wonderful stories about bullfighting and jai alai games. Minnie sat down and listened with wide-eyed fascination.
When Clarabelle noticed how engrossed Minnie was in Panchito’s tales, she began to worry. “Minnie will forget all about her cooking and dinner will be ruined,” she thought. So, she went out into the kitchen, took the cover off the pot of beans and sniffed the contents. “I’ll add a dash of this red chili sauce,” she said to herself, “just in case Minnie forgets it.” Then, very pleased with herself for being such a

And it cuts off right there…..I can see where that’s story’s going, hahaha.



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I’ve transcribed the missing words on COA.

Comment by Richard

Ha. Wow. When was this? It looks like Pancho has a French accent here. Anyway sounds like a pretty kicking party. Who knows what can happen next? I’m guessing it involves space aliens and highlighters.

Comment by Kenzie

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